An Overview of Partial and Full Dentures

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An Overview of Partial and Full Dentures

November 1, 2021

Dentures are artificial teeth structures used to replace multiple missing teeth and the adjacent tissues. There are two types of dentures – partial and full dentures. Partial dentures are for patients who still have some natural teeth, while full dentures are for patients missing all their teeth. New Vision Dentistry offers partial and full dentures in Citrus Heights, CA.

Dentures are essential since missing teeth affects your appearance significantly. Missing teeth not only affect your smile but can also distort the esthetics of your face. Without teeth, the skin around the mouth can begin to sag and make you look older. It also makes biting and chewing food difficult. Plus, missing teeth can damage your confidence significantly.

Causes of missing teeth

There are several reasons you might end up with missing teeth and require partial or full dentures. These include:

  • Gum disease – also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. It’s a severe oral infection that attacks the gums and the jaw bone. If not treated in time, it can wipe out all of your teeth and badly damage the supporting bone.
  • Bruxism – a condition where you grind your teeth. It can cause jaw pain, wear down the teeth, and tooth loss.
  • Cavities – tooth decay is also a leading cause of tooth loss. More than a third of the American population has cavities. Poor oral hygiene causes a buildup of bacteria that produce toxic waste, which destroys the enamel. Cavities can lead to tooth extraction if they are not treated.
  • Injury – accidents are common everywhere around the world, often due to sports, road accidents, personal accidents, or farm accidents.

Partial dentures

Just like the name suggests, partial dentures are used when you have missing teeth, but you still have some natural teeth. They are like dental bridges since they fill in the gaps between the missing teeth. Partial dentures are fitted to a pink-colored acrylic base which is clasped to other teeth for support.

The natural teeth do not need to be extracted to fit the partial dentures. They are ready for use as soon as they are produced. The partial dentures are like bridges in functionality, but they are made differently.

Are you worried about multiple missing teeth? The dentist in 95610 offers affordable partial dentures. Book an appointment online to begin your journey to healthy and attractive teeth.

Full dentures

Full dentures are also called complete dentures. They can be conventional or immediate. Immediate full dentures are put in place right after the teeth have been removed and the gum has not healed completely. Alternatively, conventional dentures are placed in the mouth approximately 8 – 12 weeks after the tooth extractions. They are set when the gum is fully healed.

Although immediate dentures offer an instant solution since you do not have to go without teeth, the bone and gum shrink during the healing process. Therefore, they require a lot of adjustments throughout the healing process to fit correctly. It is advisable that you consider immediate dentures only as a temporary solution.

The dentist in Citrus Heights is a qualified dentist near you who offers complete dentures. If you have several missing teeth, book an appointment and get a new smile.

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Treatment procedure

  1. Denture treatment often takes several weeks and appointments. A dentist or a prosthodontist can provide them.
  2. When you visit our office, the dentist takes various impressions of your jaw to get exact measurements.
  3. The dentist then creates models, plastic patterns, or wax forms using the impressions. If you agree on the suitable model, you discuss the shape and color.
  4. The dentist casts the final dentures.
  5. Adjustments can be made if needed.


  • Non-invasive.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Corrects your bite and helps you chew normally.
  • Helps avoid further tooth loss.
  • Restores your smile.


  • They need to be replaced every 3 – 6 years.
  • They can get lost or damaged.
  • You can’t sleep with them.


To learn more about partial and full dentures, visit New Vision Dentistry in Citrus Heights. Our highly skilled dentists will explain the full procedure with you and discuss the best time to start the treatment.

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