Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A missing teeth or tooth is a challenging experience to people who have had their teeth missing as a result of disease or injury. With the increasing number of people with missing teeth on the rise in Sacramento, CA, the need to find an urgent, immediate and long-lasting solution has arisen. Sacramento, CA, the population is known for its liking of sugary meals and snacks, a major predisposing factor for periodontal disease, with the result being missing teeth.

Although people within Sacramento CA, are usually advised by their doctors for proper tooth care techniques, the rising number of persons with missing teeth within this city is alarming. Missing teeth force someone to readjust their lifestyle; because they have to choose the meals they take they can manage to chew with their absent teeth.

The solution to missing teeth or teeth comes in the form of dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth placed within the dental cavity to replace a removed or missing tooth or teeth or fill up a bridge. Dental implants are usually applied to people who have missing teeth or tooth following a periodontal disease, a removed tooth as a result of accident or injury, or by any other means. The periodontal disease almost always precedes poor tooth care techniques.

Dental implants have been in use for some decades now, and dental doctors within Sacramento, CA embrace this surgical procedure as a solution to filling up missing teeth. It has proved a success over time and is an efficient way to fill up the gap left following missing teeth.

Dental implants are also suitable for patients with loose teeth whose only solution is having the teeth removed. Patients with decaying teeth can breathe a sigh of relief because dental implants take the place of their teeth once they are removed.


Dental implant procedure:

A dental implant surgery is usually performed in at a dental clinic, suitably in a hospital set up. It is a three step procedure that begins with the administration of local anesthesia, to kill the nerve sensation to the area and sedate the patient. Once the patient is settled and ready for the procedure, the surgeon starts by replacing the tooth root by burying the implant within the tooth gum. The implant is firmly fitted within the gum, preventing it from exposure until the healing process has been realized, after which the implant is exposed surgically.

The implant is allowed to heal around a post called the abutment. The abutment penetrates the gum into the mouth cavity for stability. It also ensures that the implant is secure and is not exposed to forces as a result of the chewing mechanism by the patient.

The final stage follows a successful healing process and is termed the restorative phase. It involves the fabrication and linking the artificial teeth to the osseointegrated implant.



The recovery phase:

The recovery phase involves restraining the patient from the strains and force associated with chewing to ensure that the implant is firmly set and stays fixed in the gums. Although the implant is fully and well covered up, the patients are advised not to take meals that require massive or excessive chewing. This is to ensure faster healing and that the implant is firmly fixed and in the right intended position. Normal chewing will only be resumed once the dental doctor gives the patient the green light, and once the implant is successfully fixed and the patient has fully recovered.



Benefits of dental implants:

There are a lot of benefits of dental implants, especially for people with missing or loose teeth and need a replacement. Some of the benefits include-

· Dental implant teeth look like any other normal teeth. A person can smile and talk in public with courage, without the shame associated with missing teeth or tooth.

· A dental implant feels like any other natural teeth. The patient is saved from the feeling of emptiness of removed teeth. With the dental implant fitting perfectly into the space left by missing teeth, the patient’s confidence is massively improved as compared to once with missing teeth

· The artificial teeth also perform the functions of the natural teeth, and the patient can eat any meal and chew any food a normal tooth doe’s chew.

· Dental implants come as a relief for patients who have loose and painful teeth because the teeth are removed and replace by n artificial tooth.

The benefits outweigh the costs of having a dental implant, and dental implants are the best option to fill up missing teeth.