Everything You Should Know About Invisalign® Treatment in Citrus Heights, CA

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Everything You Should Know About Invisalign® Treatment in Citrus Heights, CA

March 8, 2021

Orthodontics is a significant specialty in dentistry that caters to the functionality and appearance of teeth. It is concerned with the proper alignment of teeth. This means that orthodontic experts in Citrus Heights, CA, work to straighten any crooked teeth. On most occasions, people requesting orthodontic treatment do so in pursuit of cosmetic dentistry. However, orthodontics has been used on numerous occasions for improving the functionality of patients’ dentition. Besides, the treatment has widely been used for children and teenagers.


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In recent years, more adults are beginning to see the advantage of having straight teeth. Since adults do not fancy traditional braces, dental experts came up with an alternative that works great. Read on to find out more about the alternative teeth aligners used in orthodontics.

What Is Invisalign?

It is a set of teeth aligners that features a plastic-like material. The aligners are used as alternatives for other types of teeth aligners like traditional braces. One unique fact about Invisalign® is the color. These teeth aligners are transparent, which explains why they are sometimes called invisible braces. These teeth aligners are equally as effective in teeth straightening as with other types of teeth aligners. New Vision Dentistry offers them as an alternative to adults who are concerned with their cosmetic appearance during the treatment.

More About Invisalign

These clear teeth aligners are distinctive from other types. Their uniqueness cuts across different angles, ranging from usage as well as technique. Here are some fast facts about the invisible aligners:

  1. They are removable – this is perhaps of the greatest advantage of the teeth aligners. Their removability makes them convenient for eating all kinds of foods, which is not the case with traditional braces.
  2. 22-hours wear time – there is a clock on how long you have to wear the clear teeth aligners. For them to work as effectively as they should, it is recommended that you wear them for up to 22 hours every day. The reason is that the aligners work through controlled pressure on teeth. This pressure has to be consistent over the treatment period, for teeth to start shifting to the target position.
  3. You need your dentist every couple of weeks – the invisible teeth aligners have to be changed after a couple of weeks. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners do not have a metal wire that is adjusted regularly. Instead, your orthodontist will give you a new set of clear teeth aligners after a couple of weeks. Every new set of aligners is tighter than the former. This ensures that the shifting of your teeth continues.
  4. You will need retainers after your treatment – most patients do not know about this, even though it is an important part of your results. After our treatment, you will need to wear retainers. The retainers will help hold your teeth in place so that they do not shift back to their original position.
  5. They stain easily – the transparent teeth aligners are easy to stain with food particles. This is one of the reasons why they are removable, so you can remove them when you eat. To avoid staining them, it is crucial that you brush your teeth every time you eat. You should also take instructions from your doctor on how to clean the aligners frequently.
  6. They are not fit for everyone – ideally, Invisalign is an orthodontic solution recommended for adults who have cosmetic concerns. Thanks to their transparency, you can still flaunt your smile during your treatment. However, not all adults can get these teeth aligners. Invisalign treatment works for moderate cases of mispositioning. If you have a complex case of teeth misalignment, your orthodontist may recommend a different treatment alternative.
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Should You Try Them?

The question of whether or not you should try the clear aligners is based on your preference. However, you must as well consult your dentist to figure out whether they are suitable for your condition. That said, these aligners are advantageous in more ways than one, including in the following ways:

  1. Cosmetic advantage – it applies throughout your treatment as well as the aftermath.
  2. Effective treatment – there are numerous success stories of Invisalign usage.
  3. Comfort levels – the material used is comfortable to wear.

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