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Do you get stressed out just thinking about going to the dentist? If you answered ‘YES’ then you’re just like millions of other American’s that suffer from anxiety or fear related to the dentist office. There can be a variety of reasons for fear or anxiety to present itself in a patient, whether they’ve had a bad experience as a kid, don’t like pain, are scared of needles, have a very sensitive gag reflex but even patients who have never had a negative experience with a dentist CAN develop anxiety in the future when it comes to undergoing procedures or even routine cleanings.

New Vision Dentistry has decades of experience in the field of sedation dentistry and calming patients with high anxiety. Year after year we work very hard to stay on top of the latest methods of sedation dentistry and anxiety related treatment methods; whether that be new ways of making the overall experience more comfortable for our incredible patients or new technologies that make it more comfortable for our patients. Our team of dedicated dental professionals come to work every single day eager to put their knowledge to work & it truly shows through the quality of dentistry that we offer to our high anxiety patients.

You deserve a dental practice that is sensitive to your anxieties, fears and worries when it comes to your dental health and comfort. You need the expert team at New Vision Dentistry on your side!