How Does Oral Sedation Work?

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How Does Oral Sedation Work?

July 1, 2021

If you are one of those people that shy away from the dentist due to anxiety or dental phobia, then it is time you learn about sedation dentistry. This is a field in dentistry that uses different types of medications to help patients stay relaxed and comfortable throughout dental procedures. There are different types of sedation but oral sedation happens to be commonly used. It offers great convenience and helps manage mild to moderate anxiety. The objective is to make you less irritable and agitated, which allows you to be more healthy, cooperative, and successful patient.

How it Works

Going by the name, oral sedation refers to the administration of sedatives through the mouth. This is usually in the form of a pill which is administered under the directions of your dentist. The oral sedative works by reducing activity in parts of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety. Once the sedative kicks in, you may feel drowsy and relaxed. Any negative emotions you may had before will start to gradually fade as your mood calms. Some patients also report feeling a tingling sensation throughout the body that may be followed by a sluggishness that makes it difficult for you to move your limbs. You may also observe a delay in your reflexes but all through this you will still be awake and have comprehension of what is happening around you.

During oral sedation in Citrus Heights, you will still be able to maintain all normal body functions such as breathing and responding to commands. It is however important that the sedative is properly administered and that you are closely observed for any side effects. In most cases, you will take the sedative pill the night prior to the procedure, and another on the day of the procedure a few hours before treatment begins.

Who Qualifies for Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is safe and effective, but only if performed by a skilled dentist. Like in any other dental procedure, dentists in Citrus Heights will begin by evaluating your candidacy for oral sedation before administering it. During the consultation phase, your fears and dental needs will be discussed before the dentist determines if oral sedation is good for you.

The type of dental treatment you seek will in most cases influence the type of sedation method used. Besides helping with dental phobia and anxiety, oral sedation also helps with some physical concerns you may have that may make dental treatments uncomfortable. This includes issues such as having highly sensitive nerves or a really small mouth. Children, patients with disability, people with gagging problems or those with an extremely low pain threshold can all be considered for oral sedation. Common dental procedures that benefit from oral sedation include dental cleanings, tooth fillings, tooth bonding and getting crowns and bridges.

There are cases where oral sedation may be used prior to other methods of sedation. This is mostly for patients with extreme anxiety. If it is the case, then the dentist needs to have additional sedation training to ensure patient safety.

Pros and Cons of Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is easy to administer when compared to other sedation techniques. Your dentist in 95610 only needs to administer a pill hours before the procedure and you are set. There is no use of needles or any equipment that may intimidate patients, especially those with dental fear. The method has also proven to be fairly safe when administered correctly. Patients hardly experience any extreme or dangerous side effects.

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There are also some pitfalls with this method. The greatest one is that it does not become effective immediately. This prolongs the treatment period as you have to give the meds time to kick in. We all metabolize pills differently and therefore it is hard to tell exactly how long it takes for oral sedation to be effective. This also means you cannot adjust the dosage as the procedure is ongoing. Also, the effects may not wear out all at once which makes it necessary to have someone drive you from your appointment. It may also be necessary to take a day’s break from work for you to return to ensure the effects of the sedative have fully worn out.

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