iTero™ 5D Imaging Benefits 

iTero™ 5D Imaging Benefits 

October 13, 2023

No more goopy impressions in my mouth? What a dream come true!

Did you know that those messy dental impressions that often tickle your gag reflex so exceptionally well are a thing of the past?

On top of that, the same technology can aid in a number of other exciting benefits as well!

What is this exciting technology?

It is an intra-oral scanner called the iTero™ 5D. It is capable of a multitude of useful tasks that make treatment more comfortable and patient education more comprehensible.

Greater Patient Comfort

Throughout the decades that I have been in dentistry, no one has ever been excited about having a tray full of goo shoved into their mouth for 3-5 minutes. And if the patient moved, or it wasn’t a perfect impression, that may have to occur multiple times in one sitting.

With iTero™ technology, our patients enjoy how quickly and comfortably we can capture their entire mouth with the scanner, usually eliminating that gag reflex that many patients dreadfully endure.

That is why I love the ITero™ technology!  Simply scanning my patient’s mouth and sending it directly to the lab for prosthetics, crowns, bridges, orthodontic and sleep appliances couldn’t be easier for me or my patient!

Radiation-Free Decay Detection

Another amazing option we have with the iTero™ is the ability to use that same full mouth scan to detect between-the-teeth cavities without any x-ray radiation! Although Dr. Azouz would prefer to verify the findings with our digital x-rays, if a woman is pregnant, this is a great option that is easy, comfortable and radiation-free.

Patient Education

We have found that educating patients with visual aids of their own mouth is a effectual tool for them to make empowered decisions toward optimal oral health. After a rapid, full color iTero™ scan of your mouth, we can show you:

  • an immediate virtual look at how your teeth may appear after Invisalign orthodontic treatment
  • the areas of your teeth that are hitting stronger than others which may cause issues in the future
  • the progress you have made with your orthodontic or expansion appliance over time (this takes several scans over your treatment period, of course)

Can you see why we are so excited about using the latest iTero™ scanning technology?

We invite you to come on in and request a complimentary iTero™ scan of your mouth at your New Patient Exam to explore the innovative technology we offer at Sacramento Natural Dentistry.

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