iTero Scanners

If you’re living near Citrus Heights and have been looking for a dentist that has an “iTero® scanner near me,” look no further than New Vision Dentistry. Having an iTero® digital scanner in Citrus Heights makes it easy for patients to get the orthodontic care they need.

This special piece of dental equipment allows dentists to scan the mouth of patients and create digital 3-D images in just a few minutes. For those scouring the web for “iTero® element flex near me” or “Invisalign® 3d scanner near me,” making an appointment at our dental clinic is a great next step for you.

Why Choose iTero® Digital Scanners in Citrus Heights?

One of the greatest benefits of this piece of revolutionary machinery is that it develops 3-D images in a short amount of time. The results are more detailed than previous two-dimensional images.

If you’ve been considering restorative services from New Vision Dentistry, such as veneers or implants, having an iTero® digital scanner near me will ensure you’re getting a customized experience. Many dentists use the Invisalign® 3d scanner in Citrus Heights to help patients in need of orthodontic work, including clear aligners.

iTero® and Invisalign®

In fact, iTero scanners® in Citrus Heights are the most popular method for dentists to observe patients in need of braces. Orthodontists can scan their patients’ mouths with an iTero intraoral scanner, then show them how their Invisalign treatment will look.

New Vision Dentistry’s iTero® element flex in Citrus Heights can help dentists track their patients’ progress. By regularly scanning throughout an Invisalign® treatment, dental professionals can compare expected outcomes with results.

If results aren’t as expected, orthodontists can use the scans to educate their patients about their treatment and the importance of complying with their recommendations.

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If you’re ready to stop searching all over the internet for things like “iTero® digital scanner near me” and “Invisalign® 3d scanner near me,” give our friendly team a call. Whether you’re looking into restorative needs such as crowns or dentures or you need braces, we’re here to help with the latest dental technology.

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