One-Visit Crowns: How Cerec Technology is Changing the Game

One-Visit Crowns: How Cerec Technology is Changing the Game

April 1, 2023

A dental crown is an excellent restorative option to improve a moderately to severely damaged tooth’s strength, function, and aesthetics. A tooth crown is an artificial cap or cover placed over your natural tooth to reinforce and protect it from further damage.

Like many people, you probably don’t like going to the dentist repeatedly. While getting traditional crowns requires at least two dental appointments, CEREC crown has changed the game, allowing you to get a dental crown in a single appointment.

What is a CEREC Crown?

CEREC technology is a relatively new trend that allows dental professionals to make same-day crowns using 3D technology. You no longer have to make multiple dental appointments, wear a temporary crown, or wait weeks to get your customized crown. A CEREC crown is designed, fabricated, and fitted in a single appointment.

It is a convenient option for dental patients with busy schedules or severe dental anxiety or phobia around dental environments. For dentists, the CEREC crowns help complete treatments quickly and efficiently. However, it’s worth noting that CEREC crowns can only contain ceramic. Traditional crowns can contain porcelain, composite, gold, zirconia, and glass ionomer.

Do Teeth Turn Black Under A Crown?

Usually, the tooth underneath the crown shouldn’t darken or turn black. Commonly, tooth discoloration under a crown often indicates tooth decay resulting from an ill-fitting or damaged crown. Other reasons for discoloration would be a stain caused by a previous treatment like a root canal or dental filling.

However, a black line or discoloration near the gum line can form due to metal corrosion from an old porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Regardless of why your teeth turn dark, you should see your dentist immediately, especially if the discoloration is accompanied by pain or sensitivity.

The Traditional Dental Crown Procedure

Getting a traditional dental crown typically takes at least two appointments. The steps include:

  • The dentist will begin by numbing the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic to prevent pain.
  • Then, the dentist prepares the tooth by shaving a minor part of its enamel. The crown needs to fit perfectly and look normal.
  • Next, the dentist takes impressions of your teeth and other records and sends them to a dental lab where the customized crown is fabricated.
  • As you wait for the permanent crown, the dentist will create and place a temporary prosthetic to protect the prepared tooth.
  • The dentist will numb your gums on the second appointment to keep you comfortable.
  • Then, the temporary prosthesis is removed, and the tooth is cleaned.
  • The dentist will test the permanent crown and, if necessary, make adjustments for a comfortable fit and bite.
  • If the fit is good, the dentist will install the crown permanently. The dentist will polish the tooth to ensure a natural appearance.

The CEREC Crown Procedure

With CEREC crowns, the tooth is prepared, and the crown is made and fitted on a single appointment. The steps include:

  • The dentist will numb your mouth to keep you comfortable.
  • Next, the tooth is shaped by removing a minor portion of the enamel.
  • Instead of asking you to bite down on a putty-like material to make the impressions of the crown, the dentist takes detailed 3D images of the tooth and adjacent parts of the mouth. It produces a more precise fit than impressions used with traditional crowns.
  • The dentist uses these digital images to fabricate a ceramic crown using the CEREC milling machine. It works like a 3D printer used to make solid objects. This process takes about two hours.
  • Once the crown is ready, the dentist will test the fit and fix it. The dentist will remove excess bonding agents and ensure the crown looks natural.
  • Visit our dentist near you if your crown feels loose or uncomfortable.

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