Reasons You Need to See A Same-Day Dentist

Reasons You Need to See A Same-Day Dentist

February 15, 2023

Most dental treatments often require multiple sessions or appointments. Regardless of whether you want to repair tooth damage, replace missing teeth, or correct cosmetic flaws. Making multiple dental visits at the dental office often means taking time off work, school, or other activities. Multiple dental appointments also mean waiting weeks or months to complete a treatment, which can be stressful.

Thanks to same-day dentistry technology, a dentist can condense specific dental treatments that require multiple appointments and perform them in a single appointment. For instance, you can repair dental chips, cracks, and breaks with same-day dental veneers or crowns in a single appointment rather than getting the traditional procedure that would require at least two dental visits and about 2 to 4 weeks of waiting time.

What is same-day dentistry?

Same-day dental works to use modern computer-assisted design technology and an in-house manufacturing system. The technology also includes a highly accurate dental scanner to ensure you can complete dental procedures in a single visit.

It makes it more convenient than the traditional procedures. Still, it ensures excellent results that will improve your oral function and health and give you a smile you can be proud of. The immediate solution also protects your teeth and mouth from additional problems that you may experience when you wait. Visit our dentist near you for any same-day appointments.

Reasons to See a Same-Day Dentist

Commonly, patients may need same-day emergency dental care. For instance, a severe toothache lost filling, or the knocked-out tooth may require immediate attention. Similarly, same-day dentistry may also benefit patients with busy schedules. Common dental procedures that you can complete in a single appointment include:

  • Denture repair: Over time, your dentures can lose their fit, causing the need for readjustments and realignment for a proper fit. The dentist can repair the denture in a single appointment.
  • Tooth extractions: If you damage or lose your tooth and can’t save it, your dentist can recommend removing the tooth and replacing it with a replacement treatment like a dental implant in a single appointment.
  • Dental crowns: If your tooth has severe damage due to injury or decay, the dentist can design, make, and install same-day crowns in a single appointment.
  • Dental fillings: You can correct cavities and dental injuries with same-day dental fillings.
  • Severe tooth pain: When experiencing severe tooth pain from tooth decay or sudden injury, immediate treatments may be necessary to treat the condition and prevent further damage. Treatments can include root canals, dental fillings, and tooth extraction.
  • Dental abscess: Untreated tooth decay or gum disease can cause a painful, pus-filled growth. An abscess often indicates that the infection may have spread to other parts of the mouth. The dentist must treat the infection immediately to prevent it from spreading further.

Are you considering same-day dental treatments? Please book a consultation with our dentists in Citrus Heights, CA, for an initial exam. The dentist will examine your condition and design a custom treatment plan to treat your problem. If you don’t qualify for same-day treatment, the dentist will schedule you accordingly.

Why We Recommend Same-Day Dentist Appointments

Same-day dental treatments are convenient, faster, and more comfortable. There’s also higher patient satisfaction, given that you will go to the dental office and leave with a healthier, functional, or more beautiful smile. Same-day dental treatments are also economical and timesaving.

General benefits of same-day dental treatments include:

  • Latest technology. New technology has improved accuracy, comfort, results, and fewer complications.
  • Digital scanning is more comfortable and less invasive
  • You don’t have to wear temporaries
  • Quick treatments
  • Emotional benefits in that you only require one appointment to get results
  • Results are as long-lasting as traditional treatments
  • Anticipated results as the technology can provide excellent visualization of the final look
  • Economical. It saves you material costs, time, and recovery time.

Can You Get an Instant Same Day Appointment With a Dentist?

Whether you have a dental emergency or have a busy schedule, you can benefit from same-day dental treatments. For same-day dentist appointments in Citrus Heights, CA, contact New Vision Dentistry today.

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