Crooked Teeth

Achieving the straight winning smile you want may be easier than you think. At New Vision Dentistry, we have the techniques you need to fix crooked teeth and other imperfections in your smile.

Crooked teeth have a strong impact on the look and feel of your teeth, but aside from cosmetic issues, crooked teeth can cause serious issues with your overall oral health. If you have crooked teeth and are ready to take the first step in improving your smile, New Vision Dentistry in Citrus Heights, CA, has the options available to help you achieve the smile you deserve.

Crooked teeth create hard to reach spaces that can be difficult to clean with regular brushing and flossing. These tight spaces are ideal areas for plaque buildup and the growth of harmful bacteria. People with crooked teeth are at higher risk for tooth decay, enamel erosion, and cavities. Your oral health depends on the successful correction and alignment of crooked teeth with comprehensive orthodontic care.

At New Vision Dentistry, we have a menu of services to choose from for patients looking for crooked teeth treatment that fits their needs and budget. Our crooked teeth alignment services include:

  • Porcelain veneersPorcelain veneers gives patients the option to improve the size, shape, and color of their natural teeth while correcting crooked teeth and gaps for a perfect smile.
  • Bonding – Bonding is a treatment used to treat gaps and crooked teeth using composite resin to bond to and reshape the teeth.
  • Braces or Invisalign – Braces are available in a variety of options to cater to almost every budget and preference. Patients can choose from traditional metal fixtures, colored braces, nearly invisible tooth-colored braces, or invisible, removable Invisalign tray systems.

Before and after teeth

At New Vision Dentistry, our goal is to make straight, healthy smiles accessible for every patient, so we offer a variety of treatment options and services to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Your path to straighter teeth begins with a comprehensive dental exam with our expert team. Call to schedule your consultation today and find the crooked teeth solutions you need.

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