Crowns  and Bridges in Citrus Heights, CA

Dental crowns are widely used to correct a wide range of dental flaws. Our skilled dentist near you can place a crown to restore the integrity, structure, or shape of your tooth.

Which Type of Crown Is Right for You?

Our practice at New Vision Dentistry offers a comprehensive range of dental crowns, depending on your preference and the extent of the damage. Some popular types of crowns in Citrus Heights, CA include:

  • Gold or Metal Alloys – Chip-resistant metal or gold crowns are ideally suited for rear teeth where bite forces tend to be higher.
  • All-Ceramic – All-ceramic crowns appear aesthetic and are ideally suited as front tooth restorations.
  • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal – These crowns combine the durability of metal with the aesthetics of tooth-colored porcelain. The crown is made of porcelain designed around a metal core for added strength.

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are popularly used to correct two common problems:

Large Cavities – At times, if cavities are too large, fillings, inlays, or onlays may not serve to seal the gap. In this case, our reliable dentist in Citrus Heights, CA may use crowns to fill the space. Large cavities start as small cavities and develop over weeks and months.

If ignored, they can become a site for infection, abscesses, and inflammation that may require extensive treatment. Regular exams and cleanings can highlight cavities and help you obtain timely treatment.

Broken Tooth – Although human teeth are robust, they may break, chip, or crack due to trauma, injury, slips, accidents, or sports injuries. Bacteria and food debris may make their way into the crack and penetrate the sensitive pulp chamber that contains nerves and blood vessels.

Placing a crown on a broken tooth can help prevent further damage and save the tooth from extraction. The crown may also be placed on a tooth that shows signs of fracture lines. Such teeth are usually at higher risk of sustaining fractures.

Dental crowns are also frequently used as part of a dental bridge procedure.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Is an incomplete smile forcing you to feel self-conscious? Patients who have robust teeth on either side of the gap can benefit from wearing bridges.

Most dental bridges are fabricated with a metal base with attached porcelain crowns. A bridge will typically consist of one or more artificial teeth that will replace the missing teeth. After a detailed evaluation using diagnostic 3D imaging, the Doctor will determine the right size and number of artificial teeth required for the bridge.

For instance, if you wish to restore just a single tooth at New Vision Dentistry, the bridge will consist of two crowns (to cover two adjacent teeth) and one artificial tooth. An implant-supported bridge will consist of the implant(s), abutment, and attach the bridge to the abutments. In general, implant-supported bridges offer superior performance and better durability than conventional bridges.

Please schedule a consultation to check if you’re an ideal candidate for dental crowns or dental bridges in Citrus Heights, CA.

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