Dental Centrifuge in Citrus Heights, CA

There are a variety of different types of technology that can help in the process of dental care and recovery. We use the latest and most up-to-date technology and treatment options to improve the health and recovery of patients both during normal procedures and after things like oral surgery. One of these important pieces of technology is a dental centrifuge.

What is a Centrifuge?

A centrifuge is a special piece of scientific or lab equipment used to spin elements rapidly to separate or bind together specific components. These can be chemicals, natural elements, biological components such as blood, platelets, or other things. They are most often used in medicine to create new substances for a wide range of different uses.

Most centrifuges have an assortment of features depending on their intended use. If the purpose is to separate components, then the centrifuge will have features designed to control the speed and monitor the components until they are separated at the desired consistency.

They are typically small devices that can fit on a desk or tabletop and are designed to be medical grade quality and sterile so that scientists can use them in even clean surgical environments or in laboratories where medicine and other things are created.

What Does a Centrifuge Do in Dentistry?

A centrifuge is used in dentistry to create surgical materials that help in patient recovery. Most specifically, an oral surgeon typically uses a centrifuge to create what is known as platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). Platelet-rich fibrin is a mixture of two components from the blood drawn from the patient.

PRF is a mixture of platelets, the substance in the blood that controls the body’s immune response, and fibrin, another blood substance that helps in the healing and clotting process and the regrowth of natural tissue.

An oral surgeon uses this to help the healing process after surgery by creating the mixture in a centrifuge and injecting it into the surgery site to speed recovery and reduce scarring.

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