Dental Implants

Have you recently experienced tooth loss? Missing teeth adversely affect various aspects of your oral and overall well-being, from your self-confidence to your ability to enjoy your favorite foods. Tooth loss can also lead to bite collapse, where your facial features sag due to bone atrophy.

Fortunately for you, you can replace your missing teeth using dental implants in Citrus Heights, CA. Tooth implants are small, titanium posts attached to your jaw bone to act as artificial tooth roots. Implants may support various dental restorations, including bridges, crowns, and dentures.

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Implants Treatment Process

Dental implant technology has changed considerably over the years. There are various dental implant treatments to meet the unique needs of tooth loss patients.

Our dentists in Citrus Heights, CA start by examining you to understand the entire scope of your needs. We use advanced imaging technology to gain adequate dental health insights and use this information to craft a personalized treatment plan. If implants are an ideal fit for you, our dentist schedules you for implant surgery.

You may be required to undergo pre-requisite treatments, such as extraction of loose teeth, before undergoing implant surgery.

On the day of dental implant surgery, our dentist begins by administering appropriate anesthesia. Next, the dentist places the artificial tooth roots in the required spots. After this procedure, you’re expected to undergo the process of healing and osseointegration for several months. We’ll keep an eye on you during this period to ensure that you’re progressing as required.

Once the artificial tooth root fuses with the bone, the dentist places a connector post and finally attaches your preferred dental restoration.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer significant advantages, including:

  • Implants look and feel natural.
  • Implants offer excellent stability.
  • Implants are permanent restorations.
  • Implants allow you to chew correctly and smile with confidence.
  • Implants keep your jaw bone stimulated, preventing bone atrophy and bite collapse.

You don’t have to allow tooth loss to get in the way of your best life. Dental implants in Citrus Heights, CA, are an excellent means of combating missing teeth. Get in touch with New Vision Dentistry today to book a thorough consultative session with our dentists near you.

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