Intraoral Cameras in Citrus Heights, CA

Thanks to advances in dental technology, our highly trained dentists near you deliver top-tier dental care services to our esteemed patients. Digital scanners, diagnostic x-rays, CEREC®️ dental crown systems, and intraoral cameras are a few examples of modern dental equipment that we use at New Vision Dentistry.

What Are Intraoral Cameras?

Intraoral cameras in Citrus Heights, CA, are small, high-definition handheld scanning tools that allow our dentists to capture images of hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. Due to their small size, they can be easily inserted into the mouth to detect hidden problems that we may not detect with the naked eye.

The camera resembles an oversized pen, and our experienced dentists can view enlarged images of the tooth surfaces, gum tissue, and other problems. Intraoral cameras result in little to no discomfort and are used as effective diagnostic tools.

Our New Vision Dentistry expert can magnify images up to 25 times and project them onto a viewing screen located right next to the dental chair. We also use intraoral cameras to take videos of problems in the oral cavity. Our dentists can display, pause, zoom in and enlarge images to review with our patients. These cameras capture clear images of tooth decay, hairline fractures, periodontal disease, plaque, tarnished fillings, broken teeth, and more.

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What Are the Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

The high-quality images and zoom-in ability of intraoral cameras make them a valuable tool for diagnosis. These images are used for determining the best treatment for the patient.

In addition to these advantages, intraoral cameras also help with:

  • Early detection of oral health issues before they escalate into emergencies
  • Educating patients about the extent and potential seriousness of a dental problem
  • Creating targeted treatment plans due to improved accuracy in diagnosis
  • Printing and storing the images or videos for future reference

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If you have any questions regarding intraoral cameras, please contact our friendly dentists in Citrus Heights, CA.

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