Laser Frenectomy in Citrus Heights, CA

Many types of oral and facial disorders can harm a child’s development if they aren’t treated. One of the more common disorders is a condition known as being “tongue-tied.” In contrast, the correction for this condition used to be fairly invasive and painful, but dentists can now do it more easily, thanks to modern technology. If you’ve ever searched for “laser frenectomy near me,” you might have heard of the treatment that uses a laser to cut the connective tissue (called a frenulum) that causes a child to be tongue-tied. Laser frenectomy is now the common method of treatment for the condition.

What Causes Someone to be Tongue-tied?

Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tied, is a condition caused by an extra flap of tissue known as a frenulum. The skin connects the tongue to the lower jaw and prevents movement. This can result in some problems, including difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing. It will also affect the overall positioning of the tongue, which, if left unchecked, can lead to other oral dysfunctions that will require treatment.

While fairly common, it is considered a defect that needs to be treated. In the past, the dentist treated this issue manually by cutting the tissue. This was much more painful and invasive than a modern procedure. If done incorrectly, there was the potential that the frenulum could grow back, making it necessary to perform the procedure again.

How Does a Laser Frenectomy Work?

A laser frenectomy is a process of removing the frenulum tissue with a laser. Most often, the laser used is a carbon dioxide laser, which has been used for many years to perform medical procedures and is considered incredibly precise and safe.

Using a laser to cut the tissue, the dentist can ensure that the tissue is cut completely. The laser immediately seals the wound on contact and promotes the body’s natural healing process. This method causes almost no blood loss and is relatively painless as well. Frenectomy aftercare is as simple as keeping your mouth and the area clean until healed.

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