Nomad Portable X-Ray in Citrus Heights, CA

One of the ways that dentists can provide quality care is through the use of various technologies. With recent modern advances in technology, it is easier for dentists to find and treat problems in the mouth that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. We are proud to use some of the most advanced technology in our dental care, including the Nomad portable x-ray system.

This allows our dentists to bring a higher quality of care to you by improving diagnostic capabilities and becoming faster and more efficient during routine dental visits making your overall experience better and more convenient.

What is Nomad?

Nomad is a battery-powered portable intraoral x-ray system that allows dentists to bring the x-ray machine to you. More than just your typical x-ray, though, the Nomad has a variety of functions and uses that make getting the dental care you need faster, easier, and safer.

What is Nomad Used for?

As a portable x-ray, the Nomad system allows your dentist to get clear images of your mouth, including the teeth, gums, jawbone, and joints, with the aid of digital sensors that feed the images back to a computer for enhanced imaging.

This allows for many clear diagnostics. Dentists get a clearer picture than a traditional x-ray to see things they may otherwise miss, such as hard-to-spot cavities, mouth lesions, scars, spots that may indicate oral cancer, and other problems.

One of the most important and useful features of the Nomad x-ray system is the ability to show images in real-time. This can help oral surgeons when they are trying to perform complex procedures. It can act as a guide for finding the appropriate spot to operate and helping to minimize the damage from oral surgery by improving accuracy and efficiency.

Overall this means a better experience for patients and dentists and saves time for both in the process, meaning more people can get the dental care they need with fewer headaches.

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