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Misaligned teeth can make us retreat into our shells and reduce our self-confidence. Orthodontist in Citrus Heights, CA provides a host of advantages that go far beyond aesthetics alone. Braces not only correct crooked teeth but also improve the symmetry and overall appearance of your face.

Our certified dentists near you can give you a great smile, rectify painful bite problems, and correct uneven teeth with personalized orthodontic treatment.

What to Do About Your Child’s Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth affect the way we talk and look and also pose serious health concerns if left untreated. Thumb sucking, pacifiers, and the excessive usage of feeding bottles can cause teeth to change positions. Investing in reliable orthodontic treatment can boost your child’s self-esteem by enhancing their smile and correcting malocclusion issues at the same time.

Braces are orthodontic appliances that can rectify a misaligned smile and push teeth into the proper positions. It may be difficult for children to brush and floss their teeth while wearing braces. Due to this, it’s essential to work with an experienced dentist who will regularly check for gum disease, decay, or cavities.

A smiling woman with braces

How Do Braces Work?

Braces contain tiny metal brackets fixed onto each tooth and held together with the help of an archwire that helps pull the teeth into alignment. Orthodontist Citrus Heights, CA, also involves inserting ‘spacers’ between your teeth to create an even smile. Once you book an appointment at New Vision Dentistry, we will carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaws using modern imaging equipment.

It can take a few days to get used to wearing metal braces, but they eventually give you the amazing smile that you’ve always wanted. Braces work by applying constant pressure on the teeth and slowly shift them into the desired positions. Although orthodontic treatment is usually administered to adolescents and teens, braces can also be used to help adult patients.

If you feel self-conscious about wearing traditional bands, transparent bands may be a more discreet option. Please contact our trained dentists in Citrus Heights, CA, to learn more orthodontic treatments near you.

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