TMJ Treatment in Citrus Heights, CA

Pain or difficulty in opening your jaw may indicate the onset of TMJ or temporomandibular problems. If ignored, the pain or discomfort can escalate and eventually lead to the need for surgical intervention. As a trusted family dental practice, New Vision Dentistry offers a full spectrum of treatments for decay, TMJ headache, lost teeth cavities, gum disease, and TMJ problems.

Please contact our experienced TMJ dentists near you in case of tenderness, pain, or restriction in jaw movement.

What Is the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)?

The TMJ joint is a hinge joint consisting of several smaller muscles and helps us change our facial expressions, laugh, chew, yawn, and speak. At times, arthritis, teeth clenching, jaw misalignment, trauma, weakness, or bite dislocation can cause TMJ muscles to malfunction or cause pain. TMJ treatment in Citrus Heights, CA, ranges from conservative therapies to jaw surgery, depending on the cause, nature, and extent of the problem.

Our experienced dentists and our expert team will perform an alignment analysis using diagnostic x-rays and examine your teeth for signs of wear. We will determine the most suitable TMJ treatment to restore the feel and function of your jaw muscles.

A man with jaw pain trying to relieve his pain by massaging his jaw

Signs of TMJ Inflammation or Misalignment

Inflammation or misalignment of TMJ muscles can cause several issues, such as:

  • Discomfort or resistance while opening and closing your mouth
  • Difficulty in speaking, laughing or yawning
  • Frequent migraines or headaches
  • Muscle soreness in the jaws, neck, and shoulders
  • Difficulty in chewing and biting
  • Sleeping issues

Different Types of TMJ Treatments

Some conservative, non-invasive TMJ treatments near you include:

Massage – Gentle massage of the jaw muscles to ease stiffness or soreness can help.

Ice packs – We may recommend placing an icepack to calm down pain or discomfort.

Splints – Splints help prevent wear and tear of teeth and relieve TMJ symptoms.

Exercises – We may recommend jaw exercises to promote movement

TENS – TENS treatment involves administering low-voltage electric currents to correct jaw alignment.

Please do not ignore jaw pain, discomfort, or resistance. Contact our dentist in Citrus Heights, CA, for evaluation and TMJ treatment.

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